Thursday, 13 June 2013

Final Project: A Case of the Clarks

This is my final project "A Case of the Clarks". This were the pictures used.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tutorial #3: Purple Rain

For this tutorial I put Braeden in a dramatic rainy scene. Here are the photos I used:  

f / 9.0


ISO 6400

First thing I do in this tutorial is selectively burn and dodge Braeden so his features pop out of the photo. Then I added in the cloudy sky background and masked out some of Braeden so it looked like the clouds were enveloping him. I then added a splash of water with a screened out black background. I then warped the splash so it fit on Braedens shoulder naturally. I then screened in some rain drops and duplicated that layer 3 times. On the second layer I screened I added a motion blur to give the drops a sense of motion. On the third layer I gave the drops a radial blur and put the center of it on Braedens shoulder. I then added some more selective curves adjustments, a gradient overlay and a lens flare.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tutorial #2: The Walls of Perception.

In this tutorial I created a surreal portrait of Coulter. This are the images I used: 

f / 5.0
ISO 800

For this tutorial I first made a selection on the left half of Coulter's face and brought it onto a file of a nebula, with an ocean fading off into the "horizon". I then used the brush and pen tool to create a cross section of Coulter's head. The cross section had a rim around it that matched the colour of Coulter's head, while the main colour on the inside was red. I burnt around the rim of the head so it looked like a shadow had been cast on the inside of the head. I then added a two images, (a screw head and a hinge) and warped them so they fit the sides of coulters head. From that point on, all I did was composite different images in to the project. Once that was done I added a gradient fill to the project, and changed the blend mode. Then I burned/dodged everything in the image to make it fit together and add a little depth. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tutorial #1: Tear down the Walls

Here's the finished product from my tutorial:

In this tutorial I created a virtual piece of paper from a photo, that had the subject cut out. Here are the two photo I used:

f/ 3.5                               This is the photo of Coulter that I used as the picture.
ISO 800

f/ 4.2                              And this is the photo of the desk that I put the picture on.
ISO 800

For this tutorial, I brought the image of Coulter into the same file as the desk and scaled the Coulter image to a reasonable size. Then, using the free transform tool I warped the image of Coulter so that it matched the perspective of the table and looked like a natural piece of paper, with the corner folded off the edge. Then I added the same image in again and repeated the steps, but this time I had the image standing up as opposed to laying down. After that I created a path around Coulter on the standing up image and got rid of space around him. Then I took the same path and transformed it so that is it fit on the laying image so it looked like the part of the photo that remained when it was cut out. When this was done, I stoked the paths with modified spatter brush to give a frayed edge look. Then after some shadow and lighting tweaks to the image, I was done.